Battle one crew cab

At Air Brake & Equipment, we are proud to represent Crane Carrier, A Battle Motors Company as its' official Truck & Equipment dealer for New Jersey. Crane Carrier's lineup of medium and heavy duty commercial vehicles are expertly engineered to handle the toughest & most versatile jobs, with rugged durability, substantial safety features, & precise craftsmanship - making Crane Carrier a leader in the specialty-truck industry.

Precisely designed from steel to wheels to integrate seamlessly with the equipment being mounted, Battle Motors Engineered Chassis strives to eliminate interference points and incorporate all integration points to deliver a truly "plug and play" severe-duty vehicle. Battle Motors Engineered Chassis are built to customer's specifications to ensure customer satisfaction, and that chassis arrive service ready or are primed for immediate upfitting with the desired equipment.

We are now a proud member of Sourcewell!

Battle Motors Signature Chassis

Battle One Crew Cab

Crane Carrier’s Low Entry Tilt Crew Cab is a powerful workhorse that incorporates sophisticated engineering and quality that’s built to last. The CCC Crew Cab’s rugged framework, durable cab construction and spacious interior make it the stand out choice for three- and four-man crews all across the country.

The Crew Cab is the first, and only, four-man low entry tilt cab available in the U.S. Designed to comfortably and safely transport a four-man crew, forward facing and with seat belts, the Low Entry Tilt Crew Cab boasts the industry’s lowest step in height and sets the bar in cab roominess. The Crew Cab is the ultimate taskmaster in all applications, especially in a rear loader refuse capacity.


The Crane Carrier Low Drop Tilt is as versatile as it is rugged and delivers one of the tightest turning radius's in the industry. Durable cab construction and an ergonomic cab environment optimize driver health and safety, while the sturdy drop frame provides the option to collect containers by manual, semi-manual and automated means.  

Crane Carrier is the only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in the U.S. that produces a factory-built, heavy-duty drop frame chassis on-line as a standard production option.

Battle One Narrow

Crane Carrier’s LNT is ideal for the pick-up, delivery and general transport challenges posed by dense city environments. At 12” narrower than our standard work truck chassis, the LNT expertly maneuvers tight side streets and alleyways; navigating access and service roads with ease.

With the lowest step in height in the industry, the LNT is precisely engineered to clear tight passages while transporting a three-man crew, all forward facing with seat belts. A new achievement in vocational work trucks, the LNT is constructed to be narrow, nimble, durable, and above all, safe to operate.

Battle One Severe Duty


Crane Carrier’s Low Entry Tilt is a workhorse that incorporates sophisticated engineering and quality that’s built to last. Rugged framework, durable cab construction and attention to detail make this model a top choice in premier refuse and recycling collection fleets across the country.

With the lowest step in height in the industry, the LET2 is packed with features to maximize safety, increase space and enhance maneuverability. An all-around powerhouse, the LET2 thrives in all applications and environments. 


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