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battle 480 full electric

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Diesel Build Removals







Battle Motors EV's are built for battle with industry-leading software, maximized safety features, and robust design. They're combat-ready with the next generation of trucking technology - paving the way for the industry’s transition to sustainable energy.

Yes, to Performance

Get up to 350kW charge power with max current of 440A, 550–800 volts. Two-stage regenerative braking recharges batteries on the go.


Yes, to Powerful

Batteries deliver 800v of power to the multi-speed automatic transmission, offering 32,000 lb.-ft. peak driving torque.

No, to Emissions and Maintenance

AC motor provides an output of 500 peak hp with no exhaust emissions and no aftertreatment systems for reduced maintenance.

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From Diesel to EV

Diesel Build Removals

The same durable, high-caliber truck Crane Carrier has been building for 75 years, but with a new Electric Vehicle Powertrain!

Diesel Build Removals:

Cooling - Radiators, Fans, etc.

Engine & Mountings

Cummins Engine

Alison Transmission

Exhaust System/Fuel Tank


Remains the Same:

Cab & Interior


Air Brakes


Axles; Front & Rear

Vehicle Electrics (Updated)

Reduced Driveshaft

Charging Stations


Crane Carrier is the only company on the market with chargers designed for direct connection to 600V 60Hz Networks.

We utilize cutting edge technology engineered for reliability across a wide range of voltages- 400V 50Hz, & 480V 60Hz.

Our stations are also engineered for safety, featuring extra low voltage power supply, & standard cable management for hazard reduction. Moreover, they're built for any environment, thriving in temperatures from -30°C to +50 C  (-22F to + 122F).


Q. What is the range on the 320kwh pack & the 480kwh pack?
The pack utilizes 8kwh per mile on pickups and 3 kwh per mile on regular driving.
The 320 pack can handle 2 routes of 15 miles with 1000 cans plus about 30 miles of road driving (with no pickups).
The 480 pack can handle 2 routes of 15 miles with 1000 cans plus about 80 miles of road driving (with no pickups).

Q. Can these packs handle 8-hour shifts?
Yes, as long as you're staying within the above parameters.

Q. How long does it take to get the infrastructure/charging stations setup?
About the same time it takes to get a body put on.

Q. What kind of warranty do we offer on the powertrain?
White glove 2-year warranty with 2000 cycles. 5-year extended warranty also available.

Q. How will we support the vehicles in the field?
The same way we currently do today. The vehicles need less maintenance than diesel. The vehicles will have semi-sophisticated telematics and trouble shooting functions for remote management by CTO office.

Q. Can the body companies currently support and build on a BEV?